Care guide


Sterling silver care

  • Keep it dry as possible. Wipe the silver with a soft fabric when it is wet. 
  • Keep it in a box or a sealed bag when not wearing it.
  • Take your silver off when showering, exercising, swimming.
  • Avoid heat such as a hot tub or hot springs. 
  • Avoid chemicals in lotion and perfumes. Let them dry first and put your silver on.
  • Please take an extra care with oxidized silver. Washing your hands with a ring on will make the finish fade faster. 


Sterling silver?

Sterling silver is a commonly used material for jewellery or silverware, which is much more durable compared to fine silver. Sterling silver means an alloy of silver, containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals. This can help your piece last and stay looking the best it possibly can for longer. Nevertheless it is natural that silver is oxidized during air exposure. That is why it needs a special care for long-lasting jewellery.


Oxidized jewellery?

In other words, it is blackened Silver. Oxidization is not a permanent finish, which means the dark color will fade over time. But you can do it yourself, also can be removed with an anti-tarnish treatment.