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Bellevue Necklace

Bellevue Necklace

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  • Springring clasp
  • Chain 61cm
  • Pendant width 15mm, height 22mm
  • Made from solid sterling silver, partially oxidised
  • 24g
  • Handmade in Berlin

The Bellevue series capture the essence of an inner world that is often hidden from view - a world that exists within our subconscious. It is a landscape that takes shape in our minds, shaped by our emotions and experiences. Sometimes, it may resemble a wild and untamed wilderness, while at other times it may be calm and serene like a peaceful sanctuary. Each piece in the series is a reflection of the kaleidoscope of emotions that we experience every day, forming a visual tapestry that invites us to explore the depths of our own inner worlds.

Please contact us for your custom size/design. Oxidisation is not a permanent finish, which means the dark color will fade over time.

Allow us 2 - 3 weeks for production once an order is placed. Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout. 

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